3 Surprising Tools for the Modern Architect

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Do you want to be a successful architect someday, and work for a top architect company in Malaysia? As long as you work hard and chase the right opportunities, you will surely get there. To make things easier for you, it’s important to utilize the right tools and software, and improve skills that would be beneficial in the long run.


Experience always comes with commitment and time. I’m not saying that success would only come to aging architects, though. It’s all about the kind of architecture projects you work on, and your knowledge on permitting processes and design reviews. Know the ropes in the industry. If possible, invest money and time on further education.

Listening Skills

Every successful professional, architect or not, has amazing listening skills. If you are a newbie architect, you need to focus on developing this one. Remember, being an architect is not about convincing people that your ideas are great. It is about being able to understand and listen to ideas that will make the best space for everyone.

Drawing Skills

Think of your architecture career as a lifelong commitment. Devote countless hours for exploring, discovering, and experiencing buildings and shapes. If you can, travel. It pays to see all of these beautiful buildings personally. Witnessing those products, fixtures and details is like no other. With a pencil and sketchbook on hand, discover new things and take note of them.