5 UX and Web Design Trends That Will Grow Your Business Fast

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Customized Typography

Gone are days of boring Arial and Times New Roman fonts. This year, more explorations will be made in the field of typography. More and more designers are playing around font styles, and gearing away from the conventional. Make yours unique and remarkable enough for people to easily remember.

Artificial intelligence

AI features are already a huge part of our lives. This can take several forms and shapes, though some popular examples include chatbots, personalization and machine learning. Artificial intelligence can teach you to improve your relationship with your audience by reaching out to them in a more unique, reliable way.

Video landing page

What is the best way to communicate your products and services to customers? Remind your website developer to make landing pages with engaging videos. This is a no-brainer. It can really improve your conversion rate.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling is getting more and more popularity. It has introduced deep-scrolling, as well as single-page designs. With this, showcasing content will be a lot easier.

Animated CTAs

CTAs are important aspects of effective website designs. Where do you want your customers and readers go? That fact still remains that they don’t where to go unless you tell them several times. In order to make your calls to action appealing to people, incorporate engaging animated features.

Need some inspiration? Airbnb uses its animation app, Lottie, to incorporate subtle graphics animations atop its calls to action throughout its website and app designs.