6 Modern-Themed Houses that can Inspire You

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Modern Interiors

Modern interiors are usually considered to be cold and minimalist, but this is not always the case. Check these not just trendy and modern but also cozy in six homes that inspire architecture firms in Malaysia.

1. Modern homes can also be weird-just like this landed house. Love the texture play on the texture wall and room divider influenced by the Chinois, which act as a beautiful backdrop. While being plain and uncluttered here, the pieces of furniture make a bold modern statement with its smooth and clean shapes. The trick is for the contemporary style to go to basics, simple and structural.

2. Most of the modern homes are for the color of grey / white. Not this beautiful house with its decadent greens and purples hues. It is a welcome change to what we know about a contemporary style. Accessories such as chandeliers, textured carpets and modern works of art contribute to its luxurious interior.

3. The most simple of themes often work perfectly for a modern home. Case in point: Stylish detailing and finishing of this monochrome interior house. Break the monotony with wooden feature and soft lighting to give it a homely effect while metal touches add a desired sleekness.

4. Styling after a designer hotel, this landed property with its beige color scheme may look strong at first impression but the modern details give it a fresh and inviting modern effect. The rooms–without being too cluttered–are just where you want to relax when the day comes to an end.

5. Everything about this home speaks of modern interiors–a marble wall in the living room, a mixture of designer and traditional furniture, plush detailing and wooden elements for a cosy feel. In our view, the best room? The master bedroom certainly that shines out with its monochrome theme–a five-star treatment!

6. With a range of elegant furniture and trendy features, such as its recessed lighting and breezy curtains from ceiling to floor, this modern home amps up its interior. Marble flooring gives it an elegant appeal while its modern look is intensified by a neutral colour, accented with bolder accessories.