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The covid 19 has been the brunt of the many changes in our lives. One of the biggest changes we saw as a result of the restricted travel and lockdowns is the changes in gambling habits. Casinos are now closed, bingo halls no longer an option, and horserace tracks are also at a stop. The exhilaration of betting on our favorite horses and games at the clubs has taken on a toll on many individuals suffering from a gambling disorder, in other words, a gambling addiction. The question remains, did the closure of these clubs and bars made a positive change or did it worsen the fate of gambling addiction? The effect is yet to be fully understood and studied but there are several notable impacts we have studied and observed. 

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While gambling in real life has reached an all-time low, online gambling has truly doubled up. We now have our favorite top online casino malaysia operating and fueling our casino leisure activities from the comfort of our home. Online gambling applications and sites have given the opportunity for people to connect with one another play craps, blackjack, bet, and even sly around with lottery. The advancement of the digital age did not only apply to our ability to stream Netflix but also to the gambling world. And the effect of it has not been pretty. 

Many were driven out of their jobs and left unemployed as a result of the pandemic. It is natural to see a spike in th number of people who gambled as a result of their own personal struggles. Gambling is fun,e exhilarating, and is famously known as a way to earn quick money. What’s more appealing than a bunch of money falling onto our lap in times of struggle. Online casinos, just like the real casino’s leverage on people who are afraid to lose money rather than people who have tons of it. Their VIP packages and luxury treatment to those who visit casino sites are created to reduce the cognitive dissonance and support the actions of gamblers.

By all means, gambling in moderation is something to be enjoyed during this pandemic. However, this pandemic has also caused us to lose sight of our own self. Gambling online during the time of coronavirus has caused some predictable harm to individuals, their family as well as the community. Gambling sites understand the power of addictive behavior and how it profits them. This behavior might be boosting the sales of the casino but it certainly is costing your life. Some of the symptoms of deeply distressing gambling addiction include the liability to pull yourself away from the casino games, a continuation of gambling despite losing money, forgetting about our own self-care and family, and even increasing our gambling activities in various sites. 

Online gambling can be enjoyable but also problematic. The pandemic is the perfect time to take precautions when it comes to enjoying gambling formats. People who engage in gambling should have high self-awareness and restrictions when it comes to playing it online. It is also important to not play it alone to avoid addiction. Follow the proper directions and enjoy a round of poker without having to battle your addictive nature.