Facebook Marketing 101: Different Types of Facebook Ads

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1. Photo Ads

This is the most common choice for beginners, since it is one of the easiest options. Photo ads are easy and simple to create. All you need to do is to boost an existing Facebook post that has an image on it.

2. Slideshow Ads

If you don’t know what to do with video clips and photos, you can utilize slideshow ads to make an engaging video out of them. This is attention-grabbing and interesting to play for the eyes of viewers. You can also add some text and music.

3. Video Ads

Do you know that video advertisements perform better compared to static images? It can display your offerings in several unique ways. This kind of ad can help you give potential customers a glimpse of your quality products and services.

4. Carousel Ads

Are you looking for a reputable social media agency in Malaysia? You better choose experienced professionals who can help you deal with carousel ads. Carousel ads are good for showcasing the many benefits of a certain product.

5. Collection Ads

This kind of ad is only offered for mobile devices. It lets online business owns feature many products

6. Dynamic Ads

Do you want to promote your services and products to those people who are most likely to take interest them? Then, you should settle for dynamic ads. Facebook auto-populates this type of ad for every user, depending on the particular product they are looking at.