How Do You Make Yourself Happy?

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  1. Don’t compare yourself to others. I can tell you straight away: too many seemingly successful and happy people are driven mad by their inner turmoil. So just focus on yourself
  2. Get involved socially. Even if you’re an introvert, force yourself to get into social sessions, which will allow you to meet and make connections with people. These connections will connect you to your humanity.
  3. Make decisions about your health. It’s amazing how exercise and a good diet will change your worldview. The negative thoughts in your head that seem so real and urgent will disappear. 
  4. Do things differently. Stop wasting time trying to find the ‘perfect hobby’. Learn something new, whether it’s fibre art or coffee tasting. Find something you can put your energy into that you can do and wait for the results. For example, you could try slot malaysia online to develop your hobby if it is suitable for you. 
  5. Stay in touch with the turning points. As we grow up we slowly lose those turning points. Try to better place yourself in any group you feel close to, whether that group is your family, your neighbourhood, your civilisation, or your race.

6. Look less ahead. Look less backwards. Try to focus more on yourself in the present. Start building memories instead of living in them. Start creating your future instead of expecting a better one. If you don’t, your life will become a fog that spans your entire life.

7. Create and write on your travels, or draw something. Write a song, even if you never play it. As you go, start changing the souvenirs you leave behind.

8. Let go. Forgive those who have hurt you. I’m sorry you’ve been hurt. But if you don’t leave those hurts in the past, it will follow you like a wolf-always playing a dangerous shadow when you do anything.

9.Worry more about others. Very often it is our narcissism that ruins us. It may sound counter-intuitive, but take some time each day to think about the needs of the people in your life. Helping them achieve something will make you happier, something you may not understand right now.

10. Be settled. There is no place that is “in the distance”. Travel as far as you want, but when you get there you will always find yourself waiting. Draw your sword. It’s time to turn back and fight the dragon in you.

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