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We all procrastinate. Whether it is in our jobs or our study, most of us we’ll usually wait until the very last minute to settle it all. And when we get stress with the workload, we’ll promise ourselves that we will not be procrastinating again and somehow that promise will only stay as promises. Because procrastination is a never-ending cycle and we’ll keep on being in that cycle. So, if you want to improve yourself and avoid procrastinate here are some tips that you can follow. Hopefully, it’ll be effective and helpful to all of us procrastinators. 

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Make A To-Do List 


Having a to-do list will help you keep on track with all of the important tasks that you need to do. You’ll no longer forget about your assignments, presentation, or thesis paper that you need to finish by having a list. It’ll also help you to know what are your priorities. 


Avoid Any Distraction 


As a procrastinator, usually, the main reason why we procrastinate is that we keep on getting distracted by a lot of things. Instead of finishing our work, we’ll be scrolling the main page of an online shopping store. The most, helpful thing to make sure that we finish our tasks is to get rid of any distractions including the mega888 Malaysia


Get Organized 


Clean up your working or studying area and make sure that it is being organized nicely. Organizing your studying or working area can help to motivate you to work and study harder and it’ll also help you to see what are the main things that you need to get done as soon as possible. 


Set A Time 


Doing your work for 2 hours straight can be exhausting and almost impossible especially for someone that loves to procrastinate. So the best solution for this problem is to set a specific time and within that time you need to stay focus and try to finish your work or study. It’ll be helpful if you can set 30-40 minutes where you’ll be focusing and doing your work. 


Set A Goal 


Other than setting a time you can also set a goal. For example, if you’re goal is to finish studying for a whole chapter, make sure that you do that before doing something else. Having a specific goal will motivate you, to finish doing whatever you are doing and not procrastinate. At least, by the end of the day, there is something that you managed to finish or do. 


Know Your Deadlines 


Knowing your deadlines will help you not procrastinate at all. Especially, as a student, we have a lot of assignments, presentation, test and papers that we need to finish before the end of the semester. It’s important to keep on track with all of the deadlines because we don’t want them to pile up and be a burden to us. 


Reward Yourself


Give yourself a small reward after managing to finish all of your tasks. It can be a simple reward like watching 1 episode of your favorite show or buying yourself your favorite food. This small reward that you give yourself, we’ll keep you motivated and moving forward. And you’ll see yourself being able to finish all of your tasks.