How To Prevent Infection After an Ear Piercing

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Ear piercing is quite common and in fact, even babies are already pierced. Parents believe that it is easier to have their babies pierced than if they grow a little bit older as they are harder to handle, because of the slight bit of pain. 

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But the thing is, even if ear piercing is actually quite common, there is still a chance of infection that could happen if you don’t know how to prevent it or if you will not be careful in choosing the Piercing shop in KL. That is right and thus, you have to learn more about the means in preventing this from happening. 

How can you prevent possible infection after ear piercing happen? Check this out:

  • Yes, parents have this assumption that it is easier to handle a crying baby than an older child and that is why, they usually have their babies pierced, as what is mentioned above. However, because of the fact that babies are not capable of taking care of themselves, and in fact, they can’t even detect if something they will touch might cause them pain, it is highly recommended to just have them pierced when they get older. Yes, it should be at a time when she is already old enough to take care of herself or old enough to know what not to do. This way, the chance of aggravating her wound caused by the piercing will be less. 
  • Another thing you have to note is the Piercing shop in Malaysia that you will pick. Be sure that you will thoroughly check the shop and the piercer himself. Always put in your mind that not all the times that their marketing campaigns are real. As a matter of fact, most of the time, their marketing campaigns are half-truths. Thus, you should really take the time to learn about them. After all, it is your child that will be at stake here. 
  • When the entire process is done. Be sure to apply rubbing alcohol to the affected area as well as an antibiotic ointment two times daily until such time when the wound is completely healed, or it is not bleeding or pinkish anymore. You should not remove the earrings used to pierce the ears of your child for four weeks or if you notice that the pierced area is completely healed. 
  • And lastly, try to rotate the earrings gently every day so it will not stick to the ears that will cause the wound to be refreshed later on when you need to replace them. And if you notice that there is a developing infection, you should right away bring your child to a doctor. 

Ear piercing is actually a must these days. However, you have to make sure that nothing will go wrong or that everything is well taken care of before and after the process. With the fact that the health of your child can be affected, you really need to be careful. 

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