How to Win Baccarat Consistently: 5 Key Tips

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1. Always check the odds.

Do you love playing online baccarat? Well, you maybe know by now that not all baccarat tables are all the same. When joining a new casino, check the odds on the winnings. Playing at the best online casino in Thailand can be exciting, but never forget to assess this.

The player bet is always even at 1:1. This detail never varies. It is the banker win commissions that vary. The standard is 5%, but some casinos offer less than 5%.

2. Keep it short.

If the odds are against you, playing for a much longer time with large iterations would eat up your casino bankroll bit by bit. The trick here is to keep the game play short. That way, you can benefit from the outcomes that might go your way.

3. Take the bonuses.

Baccarat is one of the most exciting games you can play, whether you are in a real-life casino or online. Its house edge may be low, but at the end of the day, it still has an advantage. Don’t worry, though. You can still win a nice amount, and get more money by taking advantage of bonuses and promotions.

4. Don’t bet on the tie.

The baccarat tie bet comes with a house advantage of 14.4%. It is a total waste of money. Don’t ever bet on it. As early as now, exclude it from your other baccarat strategy calculations, like it doesn’t exist.

5. The Banker is no better bet than Player.

Sure, the banker bet wins more often. Though, these banker bets are taxed with 5% commissions in order to compensate for the big likeliness of banker wins. This makes the banker bet a bad choice. Bet on the player instead. Here, you can get $200 each time you win a stake that is worth $100.