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Throughout the years, the phone is a really essential thing that you need to function in your day-to-day life. This is because all the things you need like your money and communication mediums are on your phone. The phone is a very helpful device to us people, and we have grown to be too dependent on this device. It is definitely not something to be ashamed of, I mean in the late 1920s people were too addicted to print media, like books and newspapers that they kinda became anti-social, but at least now with phones, we are able to communicate with people throughout the world. Without phones, we wouldn’t survive covid-19 and pandemic. Because not only does the phone provide us the entertainment we need during the boring and lifeless days of lockdown, but it’s also able to let us presume our career and education and another lifestyle online.

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The phone is amazing, with the help of wifi we are able to download and install any application that we prefer, from social media to games and entertainments, food delivery service and even e-wallet payment method can be installed in your phone so you don’t have to carry those credit and debit cards all the time or heavy your wallet with a stack of cash. There are several applications that are necessary for your phone, and this application might can handy when the time comes to use them. But what are they?


Waze is like the maps, but it is more useful in a sense where you don’t have to stop your car to look deep into the map and find direction, or you don’t have to ask strangers who can be potentially dangerous to ask for directions to your destination. Plus, the traditional maps are very confusing when you can’t find the landmark or if the landmark is not on the map because it is not updated, and it gets even more confusing when you don’t know where you are or which road you are on. Waze here is a great tool that you can set by first putting in your location and your designated location to see the kilometers of the journey and along with the time and traffic. It will estimate the time according to the traffic and the road that you are planning to take. You can just set that on and leave it at your phone holder in the car, and Waze will guide you by using AI technology to provide you the direction. And if you make a mistake, it finds a route to bring you back on track.


You might not be driving a car, but that’s fine. You just now have to find transportation to send you to your destination, Grab is a great Malaysia website design tool that provides transportation service. And if you have a car and you have free time and have the desire to earn money you can register yourself to be a grab driver. Grab also has a Grab food service where it delivers the foods that you bought from restaurants. Grab also recently has a new option of delivering your grocery shopping item right to your doorsteps, if you don’t know what to do with your money this option was created during the lockdown and was useful to many people who need to buy groceries items. Basically, the Grab application is the real deal here.