Top 5 Online Businesses You Can Start This 2020

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1. Selling Unique, Handmade Goods

The most successful Shopify ecommerce platforms in Malaysia are continuously looking for new
ways to captivate their target market, and generate more sales. If you are really serious about
growing your small online venture, learn from them. Offer them unique, handmade products that
they wouldn’t see anywhere.

2. Freelancing and Virtual Assistant Work

Freelancing can prepare you to a full-fledged job at a digital marketing agency. You can get
freelance jobs in areas such as copywriting and SEO. There are also tons of video editing and
transcription jobs online that you can take on. Finding clients is a bit difficult at first, but as you
gain experience, everything will get better and easier.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Make money online through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is an amazing business
model that allows you to establish your own online venture by featuring the products of other
people, and then selling them. If you want to explore the affiliate marketing field, you need to
stay focused on a niche, and then collaborate with a trustworthy affiliate network.

4. Selling Information Products

If you are an expert in a specific field, or just a person who is more knowledgeable than average
person, you can try selling information products. Conduct seminars. Create your own YouTube
channel, so you can make informative videos for people. Write ebooks, and share your
experiences with interested people. By establishing yourself as an authority in your own niche,
you can help people develop their skills, and earn some cash along the way.

5. Consultations, Courses and Coaching

At this day and age, there is a big demand for consultants and coaches in specific fields, most
especially in online marketing, fitness and health. This is where you come in. Since you are
already establishing your own name in your niche, you can begin offering training courses and
webinars to people.