Top 7 Foods that Will Help Boost Your Sexual Stamina

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What is sexual stamina? Sexual stamina is basically your level of endurance as to how long you can last in bed. It can be associated with both men and women, though it is important to note that sexual endurance is caused by different factors among genders.

Women generally have lower sexual stamina if they have low libido. Men, on the other hand, might suffer from poor sexual endurance as a result of an underlying medical condition, including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or just low libido that results in a poor desire for sex.

Men do not have to worry, though, as they can take penis supplements that are known to help give them a sexual boost.

Aside from taking supplements, though, eating the right foods can certainly have a profound and positive impact on your sexual endurance.

Read on to find out what they are.


Garlic contains allicin, which is a compound that is responsible for giving it its popular aroma. That being said, this active compound can actually improve blood circulation throughout your body and this will actually bode well for men.

You see, for them to maintain an erection, sufficient blood flow is necessary. Since allicin improves blood circulation, then you can expect to have stronger and longer-lasting erections as a result.


Anything that can improve your heart’s health can be beneficial for you. That being said, pomegranate juice not only tastes delicious but it is chock full of antioxidants that are considered ‘heart healthy’.

A glass of pomegranate juice a day will help boost your sexual performance since more and more blood can flow towards your reproductive organ.


The antioxidants that are found in blueberries can help improve your overall health. More specifically, it helps improve overall circulation within your body.

Because of its fiber content, it also pushes excess cholesterol away from your arteries which ensures that there is nothing that blocks the pathways for improved blood flow.


Figs can improve your sexual health thanks to its rich amino acid profile. If you are suffering from low libido or a decreased desire for sex, incorporate figs into your diet, stat!

Raw Oysters

Aside from the fact that raw oysters contain a lot of amino acids, its zinc content can actually help you increase your testosterone production, as well as improve the quality of your sperm as well.

In other words, eating raw oysters will not only help fight erectile dysfunction, but it will also keep impotence at bay too.

Red Wine

A glass of red wine a day can help boost nitric oxide levels in your body. Nitric oxide is known to help improve blood circulation, especially to your penis. Just don’t get drunk by drinking more than 2 glasses, though.


Rich in B-vitamins that can improve one’s vitality, eggs are also known to help balance hormone levels in your body as well. Not only that but it also contains amino acids and protein too!