What Makes Content On Website Good?

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To attract users and get a good rating on search engines, good value of writing is important for the effectiveness of every website. After all, website design is important to give the guests a positive first impression, but what is available on the website is what really will hold them returning back.

Largest search engines such as Google are very sensitive when it comes to web content. If your website does not have adequate original content then it obviously cannot meet those criteria within the results of the search. Google obviously doesn’t think your website looks at visitors, so it’s information, material and quality that is all it cares about. Any website design company should take note of this.

Variation of Content And OriginalWeb Writing: Fundamentals and Good Practices | Technique

It’s important to note that web visitors need a reason to continue using the site. Everybody has a finite period of time to normally spend so you need to deliver anything that can attract your guests that their browsing for minutes will make them sway away from Facebook and see what your website has to deliver. Hence it is essential not only to have unique material, but also to frequently vary the information to attract visitors to go back to your site over and over again. The problem of how much content can be applied to a platform is one that we are being questioned a great deal. Of course the reality is more often than necessary! In fact the answer depends on the site form in question. 


Definitely a news / information site needs fresh content almost regularly to stay current and draw constant traffic. On other blogs maybe only adding a few new pages a month is enough to keep the web alive. Google can sanction pages that actually do not update their content for months at the end, and whatever platform you have, you have to consider adding several fresh content frequently.

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Keywords are the ruler of the SEO system and if you want a better search engine rating you need to consider what keywords your future clients are searching for. Search engines are searching for keywords within the text of the website to decide what a page is about. Using the relevant keywords on a site that drive it up the rankings of the search engine but be careful! You will penalize the site if you overuse a query search algorithm, this is known as ‘keyword stuffing’ which is a common issue for older pages full of contents.


domains used to rely on text links and meta-data such as popular phrases and summary tags to allow Google to rate favorably with such keywords or phrases on their pages. Search engines depended to some degree on the content under these specific tags as the loading of pages in this manner was much quicker and simpler for them. Since advances in computing ability search engines, however, algorithms are now possible to better evaluate a page’s full contents, and so most neglect meta tags when it applies to page ranking. The only exception is the title tag of a site that still is regarded to be a significant page content marker.