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It is quite troubling when you have extra money and didn’t know what to with it. It’s not like you born rich, of course, you earn this money but what do you do with it now? The thing about money is that if you spend it wrong well it will go to waste and all your hardwork drain once and for all but when you spend it right well you might hit the jackpot.

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You can always put your money into your savings.  Savings is good and very resourceful, especially in the future when you really need to use the money. For example, let’s say you need a big amount because you break a bone or found out a disease you been carrying for days. The only place you can get those in your savings. You see now savings can be very helpful, yes it is very adult of you to do it but it is also very wise and a smart decision.


You can earn more money by playing casino games. It is another way to invest your money in a much faster and calculated way. If you are good with playing slot games and poker, maybe you can try using your extra cash in the casino. You may get the chance to win the top prize.

Online Business

If you are not up to the casino, well you can always go for the simpler option, starting your own online business. The thing about online business is you can do it from the comfort of your own home. As for your marketing tool, you can use social media to advertise your products and service. There Tiktoks and Instagram advertisement that goes viral every day, and your business can be on the lists too. You can do various kinds of business from selling accessories to clothing to food and even becoming an Indonesia forex trading broker.


You can also just spend your money in your own way and just spend it shopping. You did earn your money, so you do deserve it. You can finally buy the makeup that you wanted or the watch that you were eager to buy. Maybe go to the cinema and watch some good movies. You can also buy yourself some rich exquisite food


Lastly, you can always invest your money in a property or business. By investing you will get double the amount you put into it. Investment is a very good side income especially if you are a student or an employee who is getting a low-income of salary.

Basically, you can do anything you want with your money as long as you spend it wisely and smartly.   

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