Why Are Indie Musicians Are No Longer Indie

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Indie according to the genre of music stands for raw and unrefined, like the kind of music a college band or high school band would do. Even though indie was initially used to refer to movie productions, in 1970 there was a rise of independent music in a way to utilize the freedom to practice their music artistry without a record label interference. 

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Indie music doesn’t usually play on the radio or it is not pop music, indie music is an independent production, it is as it is. It doesn’t get famous to a level where they are recognized on television or radio, they are not famous like online casino.

Indie music most of the time comes from small towns and cities, and they gradually build and develop into different cities and towns before it spreads to different countries.

But nowadays, there is another genre for pop indie music, which sometimes can’t be different from ordinary pop music or alternative rock. Certain songs, like Pompei by Bastille are no longer counted as an indie song because they reached the spot on Billboard Hot 100 making them like other common pop songs.  

In the early 2000s, there are even more artists that are stripped from the indie title and some even had their breakout success, for example, The Strokes, and The Vines. Their back to basic rock anthems brought a new introduction and an establishment for the indie rock genre.

It brought new fandoms of “garage rock” genres and it became overwhelming to a point where it is also known as “indie landfill” This also bought a new sub-genre of emo and pop-punk which is much more famous than garage bands to this days, like for example Panic! At The Disco,  Fall Out Boys, and Arctic Monkeys.

Its music still has spots in this world and it can become a significant and prominent figure to the society/ But when a band occurs from an indie environment it will receive massive recognition and fame. And not just that, media platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, and iTunes give the chance to independent music artists to expand their music influence to a bigger audience. Yes, they do give chances to independent music artists but at the same time, media platforms expand the outreach of the music of an indie band or indie singer. Social media such as TikTok has brought music that was released several years ago into the light and brought the brand recognition it deserves, for example, songs like Playdate by Melaine Martinez or Hayloft by Mother Mother.

They are still indie music that still hasn’t got the fame and recognition it needed around the internet, that is still a town band or a city singer, just among us.

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