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The e-commerce industry is spreading its wing to become the most sought after products around the world. This is because the impact of being on the electronic platform can garner a helluva of customers. Many supermarkets that have decided to offer Offline to Online transaction basis have also reported seeing a spiking number of customers and welcomed successful sales by their consumers. It is said to have increased in triple amount than it normally does. The increasing number of e-commerce platform usage is also due to the pandemic we are in the midst of right now.

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A lot of countries are still undergoing restricted movement order and it is fitting to avoid making a crowd in public places, enclosed spaces and other locations. As the coronavirus can easily make its way to the next victim through airborne, we should take extra precautions and only go out when necessarily needed. If it is not as urgent and can be waited, it is best to put the matter on hold until the cases subsided. Just recently updated in Vietnam, a new variant of the COVID-19 virus has mutated and produced a different kind of symptoms in people. It is also reported to be able to transmit to others quicker than the other variants. This is definitely a contributing factor to be taking care of ourselves inside of our comfort zone and get our basic essentials through the e-commerce platforms that are ever so growing every day. 

In order to be the first choice of an e-commerce store that people opt for, amongst many others, you need to focus on a lot of things to improve your website for a seamless experience for your customers. A good experience will result in them repeating their orders at the same place rather than avoiding yours. A lot of us are doing our work and socialising mainly using our smartphones. This is because it is easier rather than surfing using our laptops as we can move anywhere in the house area easily with a smartphone on the other hand. As many people are stuck on their phones, it is best for custom website designers Malaysia to create a website that is mobile responsive. Many people agree that it is easier to navigate using a smartphone as it is the item we bring anywhere. As an e-commerce store, you as the seller will miss a lot of orders if you are not catering to their needs.

You need to focus on the function buttons as well when you are investing in a good website design. As many customers are lugging in their carts with various types of products all at once and even doing bulk orders, you have to make sure the layout and filter function works well. With this accessibility, it can help them sort out the products they want from the low to high price, newest to oldest and vice versa. Despite all that, you mainly have to concentrate on the minimal theme so that your customers can focus solely on the products.