The Right Kind of Investment for the Time Fibre

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This fault can be remedied by connecting the repeater to the router with a network cable; for this you need a device with an Internet connection. Net customers who use the Internet Box or another router at home can use WLAN Box 2 for this purpose. It is a WLAN repeater and a WLAN access point in one which can also connect the TV-Box to the router. A visit to check out the best unifi broadband plan in malaysia makes things perfect.

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Use an additional antenna or a WLAN dongle

Some routers have a socket according to the SMA standard, to which you can connect an additional antenna. It is a fairly inexpensive solution that considerably extends the range of the WLAN. Another handy tool is a WLAN Turbo Stick, which provides better WLAN reception on the Windows PC. You can also use such a USB stick on PCs that do not have an integrated WLAN function.

Why is the WLAN slow?

A WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network, in French “local wireless network”) looks figuratively like a main artery in a city. All road users – computer, TV-Box, smartphone, game console, smart speakers, etc. – share the same road. The more participants on the road, the less room there is for everyone. The bandwidth decreases. This situation worsens when “heavy goods vehicles” are on the road, because they take up a lot of space: These are operating system updates, streaming movies and the like. . If too many road users are on the WLAN at the same time, the same scenario as on the road occurs: Traffic jams, speed drops and Netflix streaming stops.

The “construction works” make the situation even worse: 

Poor reception or the neighbor’s WLAN limits the bandwidth. All of these factors can slow down Internet speed, regardless of the subscription chosen and the effective bandwidth of Internet access.

Use of cables

Devices that do not necessarily have to be connected via WLAN – such as the TV-Box, Internet radio or the office PC in your working room – are best suited to be connected to the router by an Internet cable. In general, cables are preferable to WLAN in your home: They create less interference, offer more bandwidth, and do not unnecessarily clutter the WLAN for other devices.